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You can easily achieve incredibly flat and sharp tool edges with near mirror smooth finish in minutes using our patented product.

Lap-Sharp Woodworking Sharpening Tool

Lap-Sharp® LS-200-2009 shown with the new optional
H-100 Honing Guide
More about the H-100 Honing Guide | See Video
| PDF Brochure

NEW features of the Lap-Sharp:

  • New Turntable with compression ring
  • Tool bar brackets that support the new 10mm tool bar, Turning and Carving Jig option, and 1" diameter tool bar option
  • 10mm tool bar for sharpening shorter tools and compatible with and new Honing Guide option
  • Self squaring tool clamp
  • Angle gauge

Standard Features Include:

The standard items still included with the Lap-Sharp system are:

  • Four interchangeable discs
  • Six sheets of abrasive (120µ (2), 80µ (2), 35µ Trizact (1), 10µ Trizact (1)
  • Foot Switch
  • Lubricant spray bottle
  • Operation manual
  • DVD

10 Unique Features of the Lap-Sharp:

  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Wet operation with slow rotational speed for less friction heat
  • Abrasives from coarse for grinding to 1 micron for a final hone
  • Unique abrasives that avoid swarf from causing surface flaws
  • Foot switch activated rotation for excellent tool control
  • Strong motor mounted in a cast aluminum housing for precision and durability
  • Can also sharpen scrapers, turning tools, carving tools, planer and jointer knives
  • Can quickly flatten the backs of tools to a near mirror finish
  • Provides a flat grind needed for carving tools, mortise chisels, laminated steel tools, and more
  • Reversible rotation for sharpening knives

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